Friday, June 28, 2013

Update: K-coder 2.0 for Android

K-coder does SMS, text & image encryption (128-bit AES symmetric key). This is an update of a previous postwhich gives more details about the app.
NEW Version 2.0 features:
  • Rework on the User Interface
  • Better SMS handling
  • Optional one-way password storage in order to speed up encryption and prevent typing errors when using dynamic passwords . The stored password is used as default but can be manually overridden as needed.  It is a “one-way” secured password, since it can’t be used for decrypting  nor be changed by an outsider who might have gained access to the phone (without that outsider knowing the original password).
  • Added possibility to transfer encrypted text files & images via Bluetooth
  • NOTE: K-coder’s SMS is not designed to replace the user’s existing SMS app, but to complement it (send the few messages that need to be encrypted). In particular, this app will not prevent the usual SMS notification bar, even when its “new message” popup is enabled

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