Friday, June 28, 2013

Making Photo Sharing App in Android using App42 backend platform

A photo sharing App which enables user to share his personal photographs with another individual/friend can be developed very quickly with App42 backend API. We have developed a sample App with the help of App42 platform that lets the user to share his photographs with others. In the App, one can pick the friend from his Facebook friend list and can share his picture with him.
This App uses Storage, Social and File storage APIs to implement this feature.
Below mentioned are the few easy steps to get started with the sample App:
  1. Register with App42 platform
  2. Create an App once you are on the Quickstart page after registration.
  3. Download the eclipse project from GithHub Repository and import it in eclipse as Android project.
  4. Open in sample app and give the value of app42APIkey  and app42SecretKey that you have received in step #2
  5. Download Facebook SDK and add it as a library project in your application
  6. Modify your FB_APP_ID is in file .
  7. Build and Run the project

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