Friday, November 9, 2012

Good practices for an Android beginner

When I begin to learn some new programming language or framework, I used to search for the good and bad practices I should take into account. In this old post ( I recommended you the Google Application Android Dev Helper 2010. In this app, the first entry in Android section is a little guide for beginners, with good an bad practices for Android developers. Here you have a little summary of the good practices:

About beauty:

About generosity:

About ubiquity:

About utility & entertaiment
  • Create an app that solves a problem
  • Present information in the most useful way possible
  • Create games that are ground breaking and compelling

About Epicness
  • Don't be satisfied with good
  • Create unique solutions
  • Invent new paradigms
  • Leverage the hardware

I hope this is of your interest.

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