Sunday, October 7, 2012

Open webOS Galaxy Nexus source code now available

I wasn’t always the Android fanatic that I am today, I originally started as a strong supporter of webOS. When webOS died about a year ago, I was a little sad to see the card based OS go. Now it seems that webOS has found a comfortable home as an open source community project. Now this project was only recently released for the community to tear at, but already it’s found its way to Google’s flagship Android phone; the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. What was the perfect Android development device has now taken another step into a whole new world.
Only a few days after the port was released, the source code has now been released as well. Now it seems that the flagship of the Android world will now be the flagship for Palm’s forgotten OS as well. I personally am really excited to see what the super talented Android community can do with this new development platform. It may even help spawn some new ideas for Android development as well. A small part of me is happy to see the Android community take their open source brother under their wing.

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