Friday, June 8, 2012

Android – ListView with Seekbar and Button, CountDownTimer

The Android ListView is a handy component and can be customized to show additional view components. In this example, I have included a CountDown timer indicating the time elapsed and time remaining in a voting poll type application. The ListView contains the voting option on which a user can vote by clicking on the Vote button – which increases the Seekbar’s current value. The percentage voted on each element is displayed below the music stereo drum icon!
The scenario:
1. Count down timer is activated and ticks….ticks
2. Voting display is enabled and voting can proceed via the Voting button.
3. Once the Count down timer is over – the voting buttons are disabled!
Clicking Vote button increases Seekbar value
CountDown timer activated and running!

After Count down timer is complete - voting buttons are inactivated!

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  1. Hi,
    THis looks great, I am developing an android app and I need a list view populate with seek bars, Is there any way I could get your source code for this so I can use it for my own need? wont need the timer or anything?